bombyx mori


According to Chinese tradition, the history of silk began in the 27th century BCE. Early silk was hand-reeled from the cocoons and made into spools. As my teacher has explained to me, the traditional martial artist at that time noticed that those people who repeated the motion of reeling silk were found to be healthier and live longer than those around them. It did not take long for the Taoist martial artist to incorporate this motion into their exercises for health and martial arts combat. Today there are many variations of silk-reeling exercises for energy, health, and self-defense in various schools of Taijiquan, Tai Chi Chuan (spell it any way you like). I am hoping in the near future my teacher will permit me to show a sample of his traditional Qigong silk reeling exercises on video. That very same silk-reeling art will play an important part in the upcoming sequel to Cut and Cover.